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Best Places to Live
Compare Pasadena to other San Gabriel Valley cities and to the Top 100 places to live from the CNN survey.

Altadena Boundaries
Altadena's boundary lines are based on US Government Census Tract specifications, not on zip codes, nor on any other logic. This Google map shows the 8 Census Tracts that comprise Altadena.

The Great California Exodus
A leading U.S. democrat demographer talks about what is driving the middle class out of the Golden State.

Los Angeles County city attorney costs
At­tor­neys’ fees con­sume less than 1% of the 2010 budgets in nearly half the county’s cit­ies, an av­er­age of about $25 per res­id­ent. A hand­ful of cit­ies spend three to four times that much. This spreadsheet breaks down how much is been spent per resident for those costs. Pasadena is 22nd with $29 per resident cost. Sierra Madre is costing $36 per resident.

California Demographics
The Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance is designated as the single official source of demographic data for State planning and budgeting.

California Demographic Research Unit Reports
Population growth estimates and projections. Historic immigration patterns.

Pasadena Demographics
Incorporation, Census, Density, Ethnic and age demographics for the city of Pasadena

Census 2000 Data for the State of California
The U.S. Census Bureau delivered to Gov. Gerry Brown and the majority and minority leaders of the state legislature the official Census 2010 Redistricting Data Summary File for California.

E-1 City / County Population Estimates with Annual Percent Change
From the Department of Finance, so should be best data available online.
Released in May each year.



% Change

1998 62,600
1999 64,300 2.64%
2000 65,254 1.46%
2001 62,900 -3.74%
2002 63,800 1.41%
2003 65,000 1.88%
2004 64,964 -0.05%
2005 64,998 0.05%
2006 65,276 0.42%
2007 66,472 1.83%
2008 69,419 4.43%
2009 70,817 2.01%
2010 66,659 -5.87%
2011 67,476 1.23%

Income Stats as of 2000
Household Average Income: $97,427. Median: $84,429. Per capita: $27,823. Compares us to San Jose, Oakland and Santa Cruz. Lots of other demographics, too.

Top Companies in Pasadena
Hoovers has put together a listing of the top companies in Pasadena by sales and the top employers.

Pasadena, California detailed profile Travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, crime, etc.

Population Estimate - Los Angeles County
2011 growth estimates for Los Angeles County and the cities in it, including Pasadena - which grew by only .9%. Los Angeles County grew by 0.3%. California grew by .8%.