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How To Protect Your ID

Protect your I.D.
How safe is your I.D. and what can you do to protect it. Courtesy of the Pasadena Star News.

ALLClearID - Protect your identity for FREE!
Like LifeLock, but free.  Get a call when they detect theives have you credit cards, socical security number or access to your bank account.  They scan the internet and thousands of sources to detect fraud linked to your identity.

California residents can freeze their credit for only $30!
There is no cost if you are a victim of identity theft, as long as you have a report from either the police or law enforcement agency. California residents who are not identity theft victims must pay $10 to freeze each credit report, or a total of $30 to freeze their files at the three credit bureaus.


Lifelock Procedure

1. Signup for OPTOUT (888-5-OPTOUT), select option 3 to be permanently removed.
OR go to

2. *Request an Initial 90 Day Fraud Alert (No costs associate with this request.)
*Equifax Fraud Alert (Recommended because has more contact phone numbers.)
Experian Fraud Alert
a. Choose 'Initial 90 Day Fraud Alert'
b. Fill in Required Fields
c. Contact Telephone Numbers: Cell phone, Home phone
3. Setup calendar notification to remind you to redo this between 61 and 100 days.
2. Request a Security Freeze (Must have a police report or charge $10/transaction.)
*Equifax Security Alert (Recommended since do not need to create an account.)
Transunion Security Freeze

2. MINOR Fraud Alert Protection
a. Provide a copy of the following documentation of the minor: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card
b. Include letter: Please put a block on this minors report until age 18. Sign and Date
c. Send to:
TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Department
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016
d. To immediately check to see if a minors credit file exists call TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Department at (800) 680-7289
Use TransUnion Online Child Identity Theft Inquiry
Provide the minors SSN, Full Name and address.
3. Setup calendar notification to remind you to redo this between 61 to 90 days (up to 30 days before this date).
4. To get a copy of your credit report from each bureau once a year go to This can be staggered every 4 months between bureaus.