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Trails and Bike Paths

Cobb Estates historical trail sign created by the Altadena Historical Society in 1988. It says the following: "THE COBB ESTATES A quite refuge for people and wild life forever.  Aquired in 1971 by the people of this area through the efforts of the students of JOHN MUIR HIGH SCHOOL and with the generous help of MRS. VIRGINIA STEELE SCOTT  Now a portion of the Angeles National Forest administered in the trust by the Forest Service.  United States Department of Agriculture Altadena Historical Society 1988."Cobb Estates historical trail in the San Gabriel Mountains above Altadena.

Altadena's Cobb Estates
The trail head is at the intersection of Lake Avenue and East Loma Alta Drive and is home to the Sam Merrill Trail.  Retired lumber magnate Charles H. Cobb and his wife, Carrie, built the house as a permanent family home in 1918 a few years after purchasing the property.  The home was a “Spanish-style mansion, elegantly appointed with imported exotic hardwoods, was landscaped with eucalyptus, palm trees and lodge pole pines.  In 1971 a group of of Pasadena students helped buy and preserve the Cobb Estate.

Altadena's Millard Canyon
Millard Canyon is a gem in our foothills above Hahamongna Watershed Park.  It is a densely wooded area with a perennial stream, at the northern edge of Altadena. Preserving the land would preclude any development in the canyon north of Canyon Crest Road forever.  A local landowner is willing to sell 13 acres in the canyon for conservation for $675,000.  Once this is complete the preservation of the entire canyon north of Canyon Crest Road, leaving only two major unprotected canyons in Altadena.  Satellite view of the area.

Pasadena's first Bicycle Boulevard is a 'go'
Pasadena's first Bicycle Boulevard was unveiled January 31st as part of the city's plan for traffic management and safer cyclist conditions along Marengo Avenue.  (1/31/13) Courtesy of the Pasadena Sun.