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Railroad History in California

Travel Town Museum
Located in Griffith Park, Travel Town, the Los Angeles City Recreation and Park Department’s unique display of vehicles representing many modes and eras of conveyances, is visited each week by hundreds of youngsters and adults who are interested in the development of transportation. Located at 5200 Hollingsworth Drive, Los Angeles.

Griffith Park Train Rides
The Griffith Park & Southern Railroad first opened for business in 1948. It has operated continuously, except for a few years in the 1950's, ever since. The trains are 1/4th and 1/3rd scale models of actual locomotives and passenger cars.

Los Angeles Live Steamers
The Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum (LALSRM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation that was founded in 1956. It was started by train enthusiasts for the purpose of educating people in railroad history and lore and also to further the avocation of live steam, gas-mechanical and electronic railroad technology. They operate 7½" gauge model trains for the general public to ride from 11 am - 3 pm every Sunday (weather permitting). except for the Sunday before Memorial Day and the first Sunday in October. The gate is open from 10:45 am to 3 pm. Train rides begin at 11 am. They also have extensive layouts for 4¾" and 3½" gauge model trains. Located adjacent to the Travel Town Museum is a local club devoted to the preservation of locomotives through scale models. Free public rides are offered by the club on their live steam scale model trains. 5202 Zoo Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 661-8958

Pasadena Model Railroad Club
The Pasadena Model Railroad Club operates the Sierra Pacific Lines, one of the largest HO Scale operating Model Railroads in the world covering almost 5000 square feet. The railroad has over 30,000 feet of hand laid steel rail. The 1700 foot single to four track mainline with ten cabs allows for operation of multiple 30+ foot trains (up to 60 cars long). Yard panels throughout the railroad allow for operation of another 15 to 20 trains.

The Zephyrettes - A History
Good morning, this is your Zephyrette Jean Williams. On behalf of the Western Pacific, Rio Grande and Burlington railroads, I welcome you aboard the California Zephyr." With those words, first spoken in Oakland, California on board the first eastbound #18 on March 20, 1949, a grand tradition was born. From the California Zephyr Virtual Museum.

Electric Street Railways
Pasadena depended greatly in 1911 upon electric street railways for public transportation. Big red Pacific Electric cars traveled along Colorado Street and on other main streets such as Lake and Fair Oaks avenues. Passengers had to go into the street to board the cars and that led to some accidents.

Mount Lowe
The Mount Lowe Railway ran from 1893 through 1936 and served several million passengers. No mountain railway in the world has excited so much wonder and admiration as has this marvelous creation of the genius, pluck and enterprise of its builders.

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