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Ronald Reagan Discovery Center


Discovery Center
The Air Force One Discovery Center is an immersive, educational experience designed to inspire the next generation of student leaders. The Discovery Center allows students to face the responsibilities and challenges faced by the Executive Branch, military, and media. While visiting the Discovery Center, students will have the opportunity to role play in a realistic, interactive environment. The historical scenario centers on the military action taken on the island of Grenada in October of 1983. Students become advisers to the President, top level military officials, members of the White House Press Corps, or even President Reagan! Along with a combination of pre-visit curriculum materials and post-visit activities, students will practice and improve their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

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Oval Office
This room is a scaled replica of the Oval Office during the Reagan administration. Students assigned to this module become presidential advisers and must vote on the most effective way to protect the American medical students trapped on the island of Grenada. Discussion in this module focuses on international relations, the effects of military involvement in other countries, and the high price of protecting and maintaining freedom.

Command Decision Center
Students chosen to be military officers are transported to a situation room aboard an aircraft carrier. Students are tasked with planning "Operation Urgent Fury," the military invasion aimed at evacuating American students and establishing a democratic government in Grenada. Discussion in this module focuses on military strategy, emphasizing the safety of the students as the first priority of the mission.

5-8 Briefing File
This PDF, contains the briefing file for Operation Urgent Fury.  Students will learn vocabulary terms related to the crisis President Reagan faced in 1983, and learn how events in Grenada affected the United States.

5-8 Briefing File ANSWER KEY
This PDF, contains the briefing file for Operation Urgent Fury Answer Key for teachers only.

Press Room
Student news reporters will find themselves working in a replica of the White House Press Room. They engage in uncovering the details of the highly classified "Operation Urgent Fury." Discussion in this module focuses on relevancy of sources, the freedoms of speech and press, and how the press can influence public opinion.



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